Wednesday, June 27, 2012

UK Open ignites next month, diversity may be a missing aspect at this year’s golf mega event!

UK Open ignites next month, diversity may be a missing aspect at this year’s golf mega event!

The UK Open is about to hit the world of golf and some of this year’s best golfers have failed to qualify for the mega event in golf.

It has been a tough ride for numerous golfers this year. The world’s top-2 Luke Donald and Rory McIlroy were among the biggest disappointments this year.

The US Open was a tournament where McIlroy grasped glory last year. His name was headlining every news paper that was covering the sport of golf.

This year, McIlroy failed to defend his title and left the US Open with shame and misery.

Donald was no different. The world number 1 had the worst US Open of his entire career and was among the worst golfers in the US Open. He blamed the pressure of the entire England fan lot for his misery but clearly, that was not the case.

The BMW International Open saw Danny Willett marking his territory as the top golfer on the European field.

His level of play was of the highest order at the tournament and he seized victory with his passion and conviction.  

Unfortunately, the passion and conviction the world saw at the BMW International Open was not seen at the qualifier round for the UK Open. Willett failed to qualify and took a flight home facing anguish and regret.
Colin Montgomerie also failed to qualify for the UK Open and faced disappointment. Tom Lewis, Jose Maria Olazabal, Rich Beem and Matteo Manassero were among the golfers who will not be visible at the UK Open this year.

All of these names have done remarkably well last year but this time, their lack of consistency has been the major aspect of their failure.

Golf remains and will remain a success for consistent golfers. Big names like Tiger Woods, Lee Westwood and Ernie Els have been victimised by the world of golf just because of a single reason, inconsistency.
The UK Open will lack diversity this year with the exit of prominent names. It is up to the golfers who have qualified to avail the opportunity and add to their career record a win at the UK Open.


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