Thursday, June 30, 2011

World #1 Uses Canadian Golf Shafts On The Way To Top

It seems an unlikely tale. A pro golfer from England uses the golf shafts from a company in Canada to become top-ranked player in the world. Well, it became true at the end of May when Luke Donald won the BMW PGA Championship on the EuropeanTour and ascended to the top of the world rankings.

It is quite a feat for any golfer to accomplish, and to have a small Canadian golf shaft company along for the ride is a nice touch, especially considering the fact that Canadian players are not exactly making a big dent in the world pro golf stage right about now.

Luke Donald has used wood shafts from ACCRA Golf in Kingston, Ontario for quite some time now, but unfortunately for the company they can't tell you that directly. You see they don't Donald to endorse their products so they can't use his name or likeness in their promotional materials. They can only hint at who the player is and let the reader fill in the blanks. That is why we can tell you that it is Donald who plays the shafts and the fact that he does not get paid to do so is even greater testament to ACCRA and their products.

Donald, who also won the World Golf Championships - Accenture Match Play earlier this year, uses ACCRA shafts in his driver and three wood, and despite other companies trying to sway him, he has remained loyal to the products in his run to the top ranking.

Donald, Northwestern University graduate who, incidentally, is married to a Canadian, has trusted ACCRA golf shafts in his 3 wood for more than five years. Even during several changes in equipment, he remained loyal to ACCRA golf shafts. It was in the fall of 2009 that he switched to a TaylorMade driver custom fit with an ACCRA premium golf shaft, that he truly began his climb up the world golf rankings. He currently uses a TaylorMade R11 driver and as always, with his ACCRA shaft.

"It is always thrilling to see your product help a great golfer achieve success at the highest level, but this is beyond our wildest expectations!" stated Gawain Robertson (ACCRA- Co-Founder). "We are honoured that the #1 golfer in the world has trusted ACCRA golf shafts during his ascent to the top of the world rankings," continued Mr. Robertson.

ACCRA recently introduced their Tour Z line of shafts that is also getting traction on the pro tours. Paul Goydos and Chez Reavie are among the players who have put them into play and had success. Versions of the shafts are now available through ACCRA certified dealers.

"This victory and overall outcome justifies what ACCRA is all about. Finding a shaft that is perfectly matched to your swing characteristics is what club fitting is all about." stated Dave Makarucha (ACCRA - Co-Founder) "When the new #1 golfer in the world chose ACCRA, he knew that these shafts were matched to his swing and that there was no reason to change. Mike Biviano, ACCRA's Tour representative, ensures PGA Tour players are fit properly. ACCRA certified club fitters offer the same fitting experience to all levels of golfers, ensuring that any golfer can benefit from properly fit equipment," continued Mr. Makarucha.

Nobody knows how long Donald can maintain his #1 ranking but even when that day comes a small golf shaft manufacture from Eastern Ontario will know that, at one time, they were part of his rise to the top.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our next Kiwi world golf pro?

Joshua Munn loves golf and there's no denying he has the talent that will see him reach his ambition of turning professional in the next three to four years.

Winning the Muriwai Open near Auckland last month by one shot with a 12-under-par total, in an event where the amateurs are there to make up the numbers, Munn said he wasn't perturbed about having to let the prize money of $5700 go to the runners-up.

He became only the fourth amateur to win a Charles Tour event. He set a new course record of 63.

Not bad for an amateur on a course he'd not seen before.

Munn is happy to leave his professional dreams on the three to four- year to-do list, while he focuses on winning some national order-of-merit events before making his move to qualify for the US PGA Tour.

In the meantime Munn has shorter term goals in play which, like all good projects, require the help and support of the community.

He has applied for the AMP people's choice scholarship, where the person with the most votes wins. Munn needs the help of scholarships to further his amateur golf experience overseas.

He was 13 when he was invited to join his father and uncles on their traditional Boxing Day golf day out. This was more of a social occasion than serious competition, but Munn developed a taste for the game and hasn't looked back since, although the family Boxing Day game has fizzled out.

"I enjoyed the game. I wasn't very good at it, but I started playing and I got better," he said.

Munn said he got his start playing regularly on Sundays, which led into tournaments.

Seven years on and there are not too many days when he won't be out on the fairway.

Starting work at 4.30pm at Feilding's Pizza Piazza means he can work with a daily practice schedule.

"I love practicing – golf is my addiction I guess," he said.

"I think it's the constant challenge – you're always going to be beaten by golf, but always striving for perfection means you always want to do better," he said.

Voting for Munn to win an AMP Scholarship can be done by visiting the site and entering Joshua Munn into the search field.

Voting closes on July 17.